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They are finally here! The all-round products that provide 100% organic care for skin, hair and lips. And as all products are completely anhydrous, they can be used in winter without causing damage to skin, hair or lips.

MagiCare’s products give a lovely feeling of eco-friendliness, cost consciousness and sustainability at the same time. All products are completely sustainable and excel by having incorporated ecology and sustainability in every step of the manufacturing process. All products are produced in Denmark.

Olivia’s Magic Balm is an organic universal balm that can be applied to anything from sensitive skin and red buttocks to scratches, skin bumps and dry lips. Olivia’s Magic Balm transforms irritated skin into well nourished and balanced skin. Completely in harmony with nature and produced without chemicals, artificial scents or other unnecessary additives.

August’s Magic Wax is an organic hair wax, that makes it easy to style your hair while still being completely free of unwanted chemicals. August’s Magic Wax is developed in collaboration with exclusive organic hair stylists who have helped create the exact right formula for a delicious product to style your hair. And you don’t even have to worry about chemicals, scents or other unnecessary additives. The hair wax also works very well as a nourishing hair care for long hair, curly hair and dry ends.

Selma’s Magic Lip Balm is an organic lip balm for lips that need nourishment and organic care without chemicals, scents or other unnecessary additives. It is a 100% organic lip balm that your lips (and your children’s lips) will love!
All products can be used for infants, babies, children and adults as they don’t contain perfume, essential oils, preservatives, parabens or other unwanted chemicals.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it absorbs everything that we expose it to. The mission for MagiCare is to provide clean and organic products, as it is crucial that our skin and that of our children is treated carefully and in harmony with the balance of the skin itself.

We have chosen not to use essential oils in Olivia’s Magic Balm, August’s Magic Wax and Selma’s Magic Lip Balm. Essential oils in fact carry more allergens than perfume, which is why we do not believe that they belong in creams, balms and other substances that we apply to our skin and the skin of our children.
We would like to draw attention to the fact, that as all human beings are different, so is our skin. Therefore, we can not guarantee that our products are the right solution for all skin irritations. Always seek medical help with larger skin irritations or if you have any doubts.

Everyone has the right to receive organic, healthy and nourishing skin care. The goal of MagiCare is to reach as many people as possible and ensure sustainable and clean skin care for children and adults, and for that reason our prices are accessible for everyone.



Olivia’s Magic Balm
August’s Magic Wax
Selma's Magic Lip Balm

100% Organic Universal Balm for baby’s red buttocks, dry skin, winter cheeks and small scratches.

50 ml

100% Organic Hair Wax for styling of short hair, and for nourishing care for long hair and dry hair.

30 ml

100% Organic Lip Balm that your lips (and your children’s lips) will love!

7 ml

Suggested retail price:


149 DKK

Suggested retail price:


129 DKK

Suggested retail price:

119 DKK

All MagiCare’s products only contain 3 organic ingredients:


Organic Shea Butter


Organic Olive Oil


Organic Beeswax

They are also completely anhydrous and can easily be used in winter.




Address: MagiCare, Wiehesvej 7, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark
Instagram: www.instagram/magicaredk

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