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Rose Maimonide (Author, Expert in ecology and chemicals)
It is not just the usual advertisement lingo when this is called a “magic balm”. It really IS a proven concept for a balm completely free of chemical stuff that just WORKS. For red buttocks, rough hands, small scratches and other everyday problems…It is also great for frosty weather as it contains no water.”

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Anette Harbech Olsen (Owner of
“I’m super excited about this product that takes care of everything from dry hands to bumps, children’s red buttocks and burns. It’s simple and relatively cheap, and it has my warmest recommendation.”

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Lise Svendsen (blogger at
“We LOVE Olivia’s Magic Balm. Both Olivia and Peter have been using it at home. Olivia often says “I want MAGIC BALM” if she is hurt.”

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Sara Illum (blogger at
“We are very happy with Olivia’s Magic Balm. The kids get it applied to their faces before we leave the house in the morning, at lunch before they go back outside at the kindergarten and at bed time. That way the cheeks stay soft! Last year we completely avoided dry frost cheeks in this way – pure gold!!!”

Helsemarie’s blog:
“In our house we are big fans of Olivia’s Magic Balm, and we use it for all sorts of things. Mom always carries one in her purse, because it can be used for practically anything. Among many other things we use it for small scratches and wounds, to alleviate the pain after nettle stings or too much sunshine, itching mosquito bites, dry cuticles, dry cheeks in winter, and as a lip balm. We even use it on the dogs :-)”.

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Emilie (blogger at
“A friend told me about this and I have to say that it’s completely amazing! Saxo has had very dry skin and cradle cap on his forehead, but after 1 day of use the dryness had vanished. A small gem of a balm.”

Julie (blogger at
“I’ve tried all sorts of balms and treatments, and then I started applying the Magic Balm. Now there is no colour difference whatsoever in the diaper area – no irritation or redness. I give my lips the same treatment and they are silky smooth now. I use the balm as a hand cream and my cuticles are healthy and good looking. Little areas of dry skin and irritation also get the treatment with the same incredible results” has reviewed Olivia’s Magic Balm.
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Trine Holbæk Pedersen:
Ann-Sofie Silldorff:
Ane Amalie Mikkelsen:

Lynn Chang (blogs about children, lifestyle, food and fashion at
“I have previously mentioned Olivia’s Magic Balm on this blog, as it has been really efficient for treating Valentin’s cradle cap. He’s practically free of it now, apart from a few small spots that disappear with the use of a soft brush. We also use the magic balm for so many other things. It’s great that it’s so moisturizing and oily in its consistency.”

Vibeke Luxhøj  (Independent foot therapist)
“I love the magic balm! I sell it to everyone. Dry hands, cracked skin around fingers, lip balm… etc.
My tester is placed next to my foot therapy chair, so that my customers can just try it. I haven’t sold it for use on the feet yet, but I have mentioned that it can easily be applied to the feet. I just haven’t got any feedback on that yet. The magic balm is placed in my big display window, and it is great! It practically sells itself.”

Julie Nielsen (
“I use Olivia’s Magic Balm and I LOVE IT. I originally bought it for my youngest son’s very sensitive behind, but since he has grown out of that problem, I have discovered how amazing it is for dry lips. So, lots of praises! It really is a magic balm :=)”

Cathrine Koefoed (Blogger at, Yoga Teacher)
“Putting it mildly, I’m impressed about how this balm transforms dry winter skin into a silky smooth and glowing skin. I love that the balm is 100% organic, “pure” and sustainable. I would say that this balm can be used by both men and women!”. Read more here:

Camilla Bak (blogger at Camillas Fashion Lab)
“It is extremely important to me to use “clean” and preferably organic products – both for myself and especially for my children. Olivia’s Magic Balm is actually the only care product that I use for my children.” Read more here:

Rikke (blogger at That Nordic Feeling)
“I am really excited about this balm, which you can see by the amount left in the jar! Such a great product, that I will definitely keep using in the future :)”

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Susanne Kromann
“I think that many more people should know about and enjoy Olivia’s Magic Balm, as it’s thoroughly fantastic for so many things. At the moment I’m using it for my sore nipples and my infant baby’s slightly reddish buttocks. It’s working wonders with both.”

Jette Hessellund Lauridsen (Lawyer)
“Hi, Olivia’s Magic Balm. I just wanted you to know that my two oldest kids went out on their journey with an Olivia’s Magic Balm in each of their toilet bags. And especially my oldest boy who’s 12 years old uses it ALL THE TIME!! I am going to buy a large portion om balm as each of my friends are getting a jar the next time I visit them. And yes, then Malthe, Anne-Sofie and Katrine need a refill. Malthe – who just turned 12 and is really cool – seriously thinks that he can use it for when he one day gets pimples!!!”

Paula Strandgård (Massage Therapist with independent clinic):
“Just wanted to tell you that my daughter, who has always had sensitive skin - especially in her cheeks – has gotten the most delicate and soft cheeks from just two days of using the balm. Personally, I think it’s perfect for hands, cuticles and as a lip balm.”

Mette Osland Pedersen (Owner,
“Hi Olivia’s Magic Balm. It sounds good with bigger jars for the balm. When you get to know this balm it becomes invaluable, so it’s good that the jar gets bigger!”

Marie Louise Moore (Assistant Store Manager & mother of 4 year-old Fridtjof and 3 year-old Cornelius):
“Cornelius is 2.5 years old and has always suffered from eczema and very dry and sensible skin. We had gotten to a point where we no longer would wash his hands, but just use rubbing alcohol instead as it’s gentler on the skin. For several years we’ve used different hormone creams for his skin, but it’s never really worked.
The first time we used Olivia’s Magic Balm on Cornelius’ eczema-ridden wrists – where we normally use hormone cream – he said: “Mom, the cream doesn’t sting, and it also smells like honey”. And we as parents observed how the eczema disappeared from the wrists after two days’ use of Olivia’s Magic Balm.
It’s amazing, that we’ve found an organic product without hormones which can cure our son’s eczema!”

Marie Arndt 34 år (Post Producer & mother of 2½ year-old Manfred):
“As soon as the winter and cold gets close, my cuticles completely change character and become all frayed and old lady-like. I’ve tried my hand at various forms of cuticle-“magic” and fatty hand creams – without any luck. Now I’ve been using Olivia’s Magic Balm for a few months and, in spite of the cold, I still have good looking cuticles – not to mention a clean conscience.
The balm has also proved very successful in dealing with the “drool spots” around my son’s mouth, which is also very exposed in the winter. Thanks!”

Maria Reyes (økonomikonsulent i DR & mor til 3 børn):

”One of my boys (7 years old) has got really sensitive skin. In this period - where it has been really cold – the weather conditions gave him dry skin and dry lips, that normally bleed if I don’t apply cream. The problem being that all the creams from the pharmacist were itching, so he wasn’t happy about them.
But Olivia’s Magic Balm doesn’t itch, so I have to to say that it’s been a big hit!
Now I apply the balm to all of my three children and my husband every morning, if it’s cold and windy. That way, everyone’s happy! And my little daughter is called Olivia, so the name is almost too perfect for our family.” 

Lene Møller (Leading School Nurse in Rødovre Municipality):
“When my glasses gave me a nasty red mark I applied Olivia’s Magic Balm on my nose a few times during the day. The next morning it was gone!
I’ve tried Olivia’s Magic Balm on a pair of twins. One of them had red buttocks. 4 hours after I had applied Olivia’s Magic Balm to the red buttocks everything was fine again. If I wake up in the morning and feel dry in my face, I put the balm all over and bike down for a swim in Øresund. That gives a good elasticity to the skin quite fast.
Thanks for a great balm – very needed for both kids and grown-ups!”

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We would like to draw attention to the fact, that as all human beings are different, so is our skin. Therefore, we can not guarantee that Olivia’s Magic Balm is the right solution for all skin types and irritations. Always seek medical help with larger irritations or if you have any doubts.


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