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“As a holistic skin therapist I care a great deal about using pure and natural products. I DO NOT recommend mineral oils, as they just settle as another layer on the skin and makes it greasy. Selma’s
Magic Lip Balm contains the best and purest ingredients, which have a beneficial effect on the lips, and you will quickly feel the good effects.”

Tina Lykkegaard,

holistic skin therapist


"August’s Magic Wax is really good for both short and long hair. The wax is also great for bringing together the ends in long or curly hair. August’s Magic Wax even provides good and nourishing
oils and fats for dry hair – and with no chemicals, yay!”

Jóna Ólavsdóttir Fossá, hair stylist, formerly with Gun-Britt Coiffure & Zenz


“It is not just the usual advertisement lingo when this is called a “magic balm”. It really IS a balm completely free of chemical stuff and it WORKS. For nappy rashes, rough hands, small scratches
and other everyday problems… It is also great for frosty weather as it contains no water.”

Rose Maimonide,
sustainability expert & author

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